It’s me or It’s I

Actually, English is not so difficult like Russian, German and French. Anyway there are some grammatically features of some phrases. For example, “It is me” or “It is I”.

If you use “It’s me” while speaking, then it’s not a mistake. Because the spoken grammar rules allow us to use it so. But it’s ungrammatically phrase. Ungrammatically phrase doesn’t mean that you speak not well. No, you can speak perfectly according to the spoken grammar rules.

Remember, even literary language doesn’t follow the rules of grammar. But Literature (poems) is correct too.It has its High-level.

Next time I’ll share with you the “historical” prove of “It’s me” and “It’s I”.

Рамирес Сантус ду Насименту (Ramires Santos do Nascimento)

Рамирес Сантус ду Насименту (полное и оригинальное имя на португальском: Ramires Santos do Nascimento) бразильский футболист (полузащитник) и игрок клуба “Бенфика” (Лиссабон).

Рамирес родилься в 24 марта 1987 года в бразильском городе Барра-ду-Пираи, штат Рио-де-Жанейро.

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